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Troy’s International Flight back to the Philippines

The day has finally come for Troy to go back to the Philippines. He’s staying here for almost 9 months to acquire and have a legal residency without abandoning it has finally settled and now, he can legally go back in the Philippines and stay outside the USA for two years without any problems in the future.

Though, we are still waiting for his green card to arrive, according to the Immigration Officer the last time we went there was November 21st and only 30 days it will arrive in the mail. It’s much faster now because it is just a correction.

So, I’ll be able to bring the Card with me when we visit back home next year. However, I am not talking about next year, let’s go back to what would be the activity for this day.

Early in the morning around 4:30am, I woke myself up in order to have enough time to get ready as well as the kids. It’s better to be an hour awake rather than rushing because we are running out of time.

We have to travel for at least 2 hours [actually only 1 and half hour] but we don’t want to rush and for the reason we do have a bad weather forecast that will happen that day.
Everyone is ready and all we need to buckle up for the long and cold ride. We need to use the car because there is some issue with the van that we don’t want to take the risk of breaking it down on the road and we will be giving us a headache.

We manage to get to the airport safe and sound, no snow storm, but it is getting pretty cold. We were wondering if there will be snow along the way but thank God, nada!

Of course, after Troy checked-in we decided to wait for a little while, remind him of what would be his Terminal and Gate number and to listen very carefully to that announcement as there might be some changes. Especially when they forecast of a storm that day.
It’s time for him to go in the departure area so he will have enough time to look for his gate and get rest and ready for the long flight. Of course, one last time picture before Troy’s departs in December of 2016.
When we saw that things are okay, we headed back home and of course the storm started and from a 45 minute drive back home, it took us an hour because of the heavy snows. Good to be home in one piece and things are a little bit odd now that Troy is gone.

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