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10 Fashion Pieces Every Woman Over 40 Should Own

After you turn 40, it doesn’t mean your sense of fashion goes out the window. In fact, fashion, especially can help you continue to be a stylish and fabulous woman in her prime. The key is to dress so you can look and feel your best. Here are 10 fashion pieces that are essential to any woman’s wardrobe once she hits the magic age of 40.
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1. Quality Jeans

Once you’re approaching 40, it’s time to be more purposeful in your jeans purchasing. It’s not going to work anymore to simply buy the cheapest pair you spot on sale at the rack at the mall or online; you’ve got to look for a good, quality brand and take the time to find the right fit. Aim for a few different types of jeans, such as tailored, skinny, and straight.

2. A Vibrant Scarf

A few vibrant scarves are also great additions to any woman’s wardrobe, especially when you turn 40. A scarf as an accessory for an outfit instead of a cold-weather staple can instantly add some interest and color to any outfit. Another great reason to opt for scarves is they can keep your neck and chest covered and less likely to incur more sun damage on your fragile skin.

3. A High-End Purse

Now that you’re in your forties and established, it’s time to upgrade your accessory options, including your purses. If your budget is limited, you can aim to invest in a signature piece that only comes around for certain occasions. A high-end purse can help spread the word that you’ve arrived and you’re not going anywhere.

4. Casual Leggings

For those days when you’re running errands on the weekend, you need something casual but a little more chic than the ratty sweatpants you could get away with in your twenties and thirties. Why not try a great pair of casual leggings to go out and about in. Opt for leggings that are more structured and help smooth out any figure flaws to make your confidence go through the roof.

5. Supportive Sneakers

Your feet also need some extra tender loving care once you reach the age of 40. Be kinder and gentler to your toes with a strong pair of supportive sneakers. Before choosing your favorite pair from the store because of how stylish they look, try them on and walk around in them for a bit. As you age, your physical needs change, and you should go with a pair of shoes that offers more arch and heel support.

6. Crisp Blazers

Another great piece to have on hand once you reach 40 is a smart blazer. While sweaters and cardigans are fine when you’re younger, a blazer screams sophistication. This is the perfect image for you as you thrive in your forties.

7. Easy Button Down Shirt

Your body may not look as taut and toned as it did when you were younger. It’s hard to find the best casual tops that fit well and flatter. A simple button down oxford shirt can give women in their forties plenty of relaxed room as well as a little bit of structure.

8. Flattering Sheath Dress

When it’s time to dress up, you can still look sexy and elegant at 40. In fact, with a gorgeous sheath dress from, you can make even the twentysomethings envious. Be sure to choose a fabric that flatters your new grown-up figure.

9. Comfortable Heels
Elegance doesn’t stop with a cute dress; it needs some assistance from the right kind of footwear. Stick with simple basics at 40, like a nice pair of comfortable heels. Avoid choosing heels that are too high or a pair that’s too hard to walk in. Instead, go with something sleek and elegant to match your evening wear.

10. Shapewear

The last basic element that should be in your closet once you hit 40 is a few pieces of shapewear. There’s nothing wrong with recruiting a little bit of help with keeping your curves in check. You can get a better fit in your clothes as your body matures throughout this new stage of life.

At the age of 40, your fashion sense may need to go into a new direction. Focus on figure-flattering essentials and quality pieces that show off your cool, elegant taste in clothing.

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