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Still more Leaves to Come for a Yard Work

It is very obvious in the pictures that we still have more dry leaves left. I tried to finish it up, but I just couldn’t seem to haul them all and put them away.

This was the dry leaves from last Fall 2016 and now it is 2017 and Spring is here, in which I am thankful because I can start cleaning the remaining piles of leaves in our yard, however another thing that stops me from doing it is raining.

It is wet and hard to scope even though I used the snow shovel, just annoying to have them wet. I started yesterday again, to pick up some thinking I can clean this pile at once, but putting wet leaves in the trash bag is a pain in the butt.

The question is, will I ever finished this before Summer comes? I don’t want to give an answer with a period because either am I isn’t certain. 

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