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The Holy Week

I was raised to be a Roman Catholic and one of the most important days or event of the year is the Holy Week. I am not really familiar about the church calendar as each year we do have different days where it falls.

Anyways, so one of the most sacred of holy week for Christian is when from Holy Wednesday to Easter Sunday. As this is the time when our Lord Jesus Christ paid our sins on earth.

During this time, churches are busy with a pass over, the station of the cross and many more. Each day there is an activity that would remind us how Jesus Christ our Savior save us all. He got crucified, but on the 3rd day HE Rose again.

I normally don’t do anything about this week, I remembered during my youthful years the only thing that is playing in our television are those Pass Over movies, the Crucifixion, The Ten Commandments and more. Everything related to what’s in the Bible.

It is really nice to look back, leave all those modern things that we are now used to and watch about what we are now. Even if you are just looking at wireless microphone for a gift to someone on Easter.

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