SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: This is Official, this YEAR isn’t my so Lucky Year | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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This is Official, this YEAR isn’t my so Lucky Year

You might already know the content of this article, just based from the title itself. I will elaborate more on why do I assume that this isn’t my year, in spite of the fact that I was born on a Rooster Year. And based of the Chinese calendar this could be my lucky year, yet it seems to prove differently.

Consequently, just to contribute with you why I don’t consider this as my year is that first; I know that we never get all we wanted, but the one thing that I need right now is my schedule for the interview. I get so frustrated every time I checked the website and plus knowing someone who submitted her application the same week as mine just got hers and done. Don’t you think that this year does show it’s not truly mine? I know it’s best to be patient, but knowing the fact that we will have a long vacation this Summer, late interview schedule is not a good thing. And it’s nada!!!

Two; I’m clumsy, I forget things often and yeah, I have decisions that I regretted and wished to turn back time.

Third, I have never missed any opportunity and this year is the first. I must have too much to have in mind that I never even remember to think about my online opportunity, and now it’s gone.

I don’t want to continue more about my misfortune because I don’t want to think about it? Yet because of what is happening, I couldn’t help myself but remember that this might not be my year.

Let’s all hope that things will work out for the rest of my plan this year, because if not, I will really feel devastated. 

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