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A sudden flight to New York City

YES!!!! Once again, I will be travelling with our 2 year old to the BIG APPLE. It wasn’t a plan at all, however for some reason there were so many trials happened to me this year. It seems like I was challenging if whether or not I will be still up or just give up. However, I will never give-up, challenges in life can make you get going, it’s the matter on how you deal with it. So far, in my situation, I have help from these wonderful that surrounds me.

It’s just so much money that will be wasted because of this challenge. Anyways,  after a week of waiting if I’ll be able to get my Citizenship before we fly time is also getting closer and if I don’t have any alternative about this, I won’t be able to fly on June. So whether or not I will have my interview, I’ll make sure that I have a passport with me.

That’s why this sudden fly to the New York City is a must. It will also be a challenge for me because I will be taking my 2 year old son with me. It will also be his first plane travel.

I’m both excited and anxious, because I don’t know if my son will be able to enjoy on the plane or not.

Of course, I’ll go and dine-in at Jollibee even though I know that I will be soon eating this Pinoy Fast food when we have our 2 months vacation. My main point of going there is to be finished this situation.

You will be hearing from me soon, after my visit to the City that never sleeps. We shall see.

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