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It’s been a year….

In a few hours from now, my youngest son, my sister and her son are all flying to an International flight to the Philippines. This kind of vacation is the soonest that I’ve ever gone. I normally planned of going for a long vacation in the Philippines for about 3-4 years from the last time that we visit, because I have to save money for the fare, I have to make sure that when I also come home. I have the money to use. It would be awesome to have a save money to wander around and visit places that I’ve never been visited before, and it would also be fun if you have money to buy and do stuffs.

But this year is different from the previous years I planned. The excitement of me coming home to see my parents has changed. I’m thrilled to be with my Papa and spend time with my siblings but the feeling of emptiness and missing someone that you really wish to see when you get home is beyond absurd.

Things will never be the same anymore, no matter what I do, whenever I come home there will always be someone who is missing. Yet, sooner or later things will never be like it used too, but I’m still grateful that in spite of everything, I will have one Parent to look forward too.

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