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Pre-Nuptial Photo shoots…

It went well… though we have the hectic schedule for the whole day; it turned out to be perfect. Our amazing photographer is very nice and cool, at the same time very understanding and patient. My husband and I were very thankful for him and his crew for the patients and for putting up with our schedule. In which, every photographer should be.

The first plot that we picked, that we wanted to shoot just closed by the time we arrived. No matter how and what we do, they never let us in.

The photographer decided to just find a different spot. He drove along the highway, to find an empty place where there are trees behind and after a mile of driving he found a perfect spot.

There should be more than just one outfit, but I decided to just end it and as the sun goes down it was not the perfect lightning to get a great photo.

I never liked acting at all, while doing the photo shoot; I got this awkward feeling in my stomach wishing it was already over.

After a not so long photo shoot, we wrapped it up.

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