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The Day of the Wedding….

Two days before the wedding, I wasn’t a stress as most brides are. Thought I have this thinking, however, I’m confident that everything goes well planned and smooth. The night before the big day, we were just at the hotel resting for the next day.

Dined-out elsewhere with Kuya Rito and Ate Lynlyn, went to a place (I don’t remember that name) got a few drinks and stayed a little bit late.

Morning comes, and everyone is getting ready. I have no clue that I have to feed my makeup crew, the photographer crew and all. It was not in the budget, but I still ended up buying their meals. It was not a big of a deal provided that I have an idea about this other things.

Anyways, everyone is busy… cleaning up themselves, getting ready, and wearing the dress they have for that day. The makeup screw was also busy with the bridesmaid, groomsmen, and to all the major sponsors.

I was calm with everything, makeup, pictorial and all. I just want this day to be memorable. There were bad choices too, but I would rather not have it stated here instead.

At the Church, everything seems to be perfect, we have pictures taken. However one thing that I never have taken is with our children and my parents. It was already being chaotic during that scene as everyone is getting busy preparing to leave the church. Oh yeah!! It is not cool to make things rush, because someone has to use the Church in that certain time.

At the Reception, it was at Venue 88.. The place was magnificent. Just what I expected, I love it. The Decoration and arrangement is something I would say they are giving their customer a highly satisfaction.

One thing, I never like about the place is their hotel. YES! It is free 1 night complimentary stay, but my review is VERY POOR. I found lots of ants in the wall, the toilet water is broke (someone has to come and fixed it and it was during y day) the curtains are dirty, walls are even dirty. I mean, how they can have this opened and let some VIP people stayed when their rooms are not cleaned.

I took some pictures to make sure that it is taken care of, at least for the next person who will pay to stay in that room.

The Mass is brilliant, the photos are amazing, and everyone seems to be very happy and excited. Reception is memorable, have both my parents gave their word of advice as well as my mother’s words through her famous way of doing it is my singing to us.

The night ended up with full of smiles and excitement. We did all have a great job, though there are some flaws along the way, still it didn’t hinders me to frown at least one minute during our Special Day.

For everyone who has been there, who helped and make a part of our Special Day, you know who you are, and you will truly appreciate. Thank you very much.

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