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The Application

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Last month, I have checked the Frewsburg Central School here in our county to just see if a job that I like is currently available. Without any hindrance, there it was posted. It’s like someone has telling me to, “Go on, apply for that position”, it isn’t serious. Just a try to see if the school will call me or not at least I tried, all this thinking about the hiring position.

It isn’t in line with the previous work I experienced, but it is something way different from it too. The Food Service Helper is something new to me, something I would like to try, and oh! The fun of being at the cash register is finally happening, that is IF I will continue my application and get hired.

So, without hesitation I completed the online application and submitted it to the school. After couple of days, in which I didn’t expect to get a phone call from them, they actually did call and scheduled me for an interview.

This happens 2 weeks before my birth month, after that I have THE JOB. It is a FOOD SERVICE HELPER; basically I am the Breakfast Lady. I get the chance to create my own menu, provided they have the supplies to make for breakfast. Sounds exciting, as I get to hold the register/cashier too, in which I have always wanted to try it. Since I was a little girl, I would like to do register to see and hear those beeps, I know sounds not too complicated huh, but that’s what I would like to try and through this job, I get to do it.

After the last interview with the Superintendent of the Department, I get to start the job a week they hired me. Yes, I need to make sure that someone has to help me out with my sons while I’m at school and be home by 9am.

Luckily, my supportive husband and I figured it out with my niece’s help as well as my sister. Pretty exciting to work by myself early in the morning and be done when almost everyone just started.

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